Social Media & Covid-19: Should your brand really be posting during crisis?

By KADI Kreative Bureau, 09.03.2021

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Did your business surpassed the Covid restrains?

COVID was the time when all businesses took their operations online. In fact, the virus still exists within the surroundings, and people still fear to move out physically to buy products or avail services of respective businesses. The brick and mortar businesses were the most affected ones back in 2020, and some are still struggling to get their business started again on the streets or at their physical stores.

Some of the popular affected businesses are grocery stores, small restaurants, corner banks and others. To beat the COVID restraints, these businesses should definitely buckle up and implement ideas that will help them surpass the crisis. One such great idea is posting on social media.

Nearly 100,000 establishments that temporarily shut down due to the pandemic are now out of business.”

– Source: Fortune Magazine

Why Social Media is the Right Weapon to Overcome COVID Crisis?

The brick and mortar businesses that were forced to shut down temporarily for the COVID lockdowns across the globe are experiencing troubles to reboot their business at the stores after the relaxations. But in the middle of lockdown, many such businesses have leveraged the potential of digital marketing.

One of the major digital marketing strategies for businesses during COVID was social media posting. Many businesses tried to make creatives against COVID and at the same time promoting their brand in the right strategic way. But, it is not easy to frame a creative that replicates your business motive and also goes with the trend. You might need an expert to get your strategy straight.



If you have an idea about how social media responds to businesses, you can do it yourself as well. A graphic designer, a content creator and a social media person are needed for the purpose. But, if you don’t want to outsource and spend much on it, take YouTube lessons for the same and do it yourself. But, you must know that the competition over social media platforms for business marketing is quite high. If you cannot put up quality, then you might miss out on the attention that your business deserves. Therefore, hiring a digital agency is always a better alternative.




If you had started this implementation right from the beginning months of 2020, then by now, you have already saved your business from massive downfall. But, if you haven’t done it yet, then it is high time not to delay anymore. Social Media is an open window that helps you market your products and services to diverse customers, not just in a particular region but across the globe. It is definitely a good idea to start posting your business promotional contents over social media platforms. Start Today!

Rewards That You Can Expect With Social Media Posting

You might be wondering about what are the rewards that you would get by using social media for marketing the products and services. The people who are not aware of the online marketing potential are confused about what difference would this step make. And to answer that, here are some of the rewards that you would experience by making social media posting a regular routine, not just with COVID but even when it is gone:

  • You get a global presence, and more local people will get to know about your products, services and ultimately your business.
  • Even if you have your stores open now, continuing with the social media posting will let you witness more foot-fall in your physical stores, and the online orders will continue at the same pace as well.
  • With the right social media strategy, you will be able to target the right audience so that your investment in social media posting is directed towards the right path.
  • If you are hiring a social media management firm, they will take complete care of your posting routine, track the responses and make necessary changes over time to increase your online traffic and foot-fall. Moreover, they charge a reasonable rate for the associated services.

These are just a few of the many perks that you can expect by adopting the idea of social media posting. Leverage upon this potential ideology and no pandemic will ever be able to put your business on hold.

“It is not viable for a brick and mortar retailer to be on all the social media platforms, so they must choose those that suit their business offering.”

What are the Right Ways to Put Up Social Media Posts for Brick and Mortar Businesses?



There are numerous ways using which you can make your social media promotion and marketing posts stand out in the crowd. You just need to idealize the perfect one that will be suitable for targeting the right business audience. Some of such ways that can make your social media posting journey more fruitful are:

  • Your social media creatives must seem personal and relatable to the people reading it out. Relate your business policies against COVID and let the customers find your offerings useful for them.
  • The next thing you can do is add discounts. It does not matter whether you are offering food or clothes; discounts are appraised by all. If you are newly switching to an online mode of marketing and selling your goods, then putting up discounts can be an ideal move for you. People will show interest in your brand and will eventually pick you over your competitors.
  • Online advertising for the new launches and releases within your business costs you much less than what you spend on physical advertising. Moreover, with COVID, people will less likely see your physical ads in the form of flyers, billboards and others. Therefore, online advertising over social media in the form of graphic creatives are highly preferable during a pandemic or even without it.
  • Make your social media posts location specific. For instance, if you are willing to target the local audience for convincing them to avail your services, then design the posts accordingly. But if you already have an established business and want to eliminate the geographical barrier, then design and promote the social media posts for a larger region group. In this way, you will be able to cut the unwanted noise and focus on the audience that you want to target for your business.


These are a few of the things that you must know if you are planning to switch your business marketing modes online. It will be of real help because COVID has forced the businesses to operate online, and the brick and mortar shops or stores are the most affected ones with it. Today, even though the stores are open, the footfall has reduced, for which social media advertising becomes really essential with or without the pandemic.  

But remember – It is not viable for a brick and mortar retailer to be on all the social media platforms, so you must choose those that suit your business offering.

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