BlinkerGreen Eyewear

An ambitious Retail Startup

Client Introduction

BlinkerGreen Eyewear is a start-up based in Dublin, Ireland. They provide stylish eyewear designed to protect eyes from digital screens. Compared with other similar products available on the market, BlinkerGreen glasses have unique features. The frames & packaging are eco-friendly and the glasses have hypoallergenic properties, perfect for people with sensitive skin.

The Challenge​​​

The most challenging part for a start-up is to validate their business model with the right customers. So in this case, the biggest challenge that we faced was to first understand the market and their customer segment before taking any big step.

Furthermore, creating brand awareness and trust were challenging tasks that our team had to solve.

Our Approach​

In the early stage of the process, we created the brand’s visual identity which included logo, fonts, color scheme, etc. Furthermore, we developed the company’s webshop and the branded visuals. The KADI team also worked on a long term social media and advertising strategy. We created brand awareness campaigns to establish the ideal target audience, followed by PPC campaigns to drive sales.

Brand Identity

Responsive Webshop

Social Media Management

Video editing & production

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