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Nr. 1 Global Salon Business Expert

Client Introduction

Liz McKeon is an internationally renowned Salon Business Expert, bestselling author, speaker, business coach and trainer.

Liz shares these strategies for success in international trade publications throughout the hair, beauty and spa industry. She is hired by international brands and corporations to train their staff, increase revenues and ultimately show them how to make more money. 

The Challenge​​​

The biggest challenge we faced was to refresh an international brand known for over 20 years, without losing its identity.

Since the company is well known, they have an established audience that could not be ignored.  We had to focus on acquiring new clientele, and in the same time nurture the existing one.


Our Approach​

We redesigned the company’s logo, website and marketing materials with the existing clientele in mind. 

We streamlined the communication between the brand and clientele, by clearly defining the services available for each persona. 

The result was a refreshed brand that kept its initial identity, but served better its audience.

Brand Refresh

Website Redesign

Email Marketing

Online Academy

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